Pitta in Balance

Ayurveda is understanding how to recognize and listen to the information coming from our internal environment and how that is influenced and acted upon from the external environment. Both Yoga and Ayurveda are systems of self inquiry, and ask us to be aware of and explore the inner and the outer worlds so to bring balance to our own unique state!

In it essence Ayurveda understands everything through the lens of the 5 element theory (the belief that everything on the planet, including you and I, is made up of unique combination of the 5 elements; earth, water, fire, air and ether).

Pitta is the fire element, and during these warmer months pitta can be on the rise. When the pitta element is in balance we can experience a clear and focused mind, sharp intellect, the ability to be a great leader, very inspirational and even charismatic however when Pitta is out of balance we might find ourselves a little more competitive, angry, frustrated or perhaps jealous. Physically when pitta is out of balance we might experience ailments such as heart burn, rashes, acne, or any kind of inflammation throughout the body.

In this workshop we will explore the effects that different yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques have on our system and everyday tools that we can use to help cool and calm the fire element within!

@hilwood and @heathertayloryoga are really excited about this workshop and we hope you will join us this Saturday @canmorehotyoga!!! Space is limited so Sign up online to save your spot